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Tea Party

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Yesterday I went to a bridal shower at the Queen Mary Tea Room in Seattle. What a great time! I hopped a bus to get there, wearing a short skirt, heels, and a big ol' day-at-the-races style hat. What fun!

We had a rather large group, 12 adults and the sweetest baby, plus gifts, and props (hats, scarves, decks of cards). We were having a great deal of fun and attracted the attention of several other tables over the course of the two hours we were there. I have to give big props to Joey and Jim, who planned the party. They did a great job!

The Bride and her Bridesmen

In the interest of protecting the innocent, I'm only sharing a few pictures of the attendees, but (as is my way) I'll happily share photos of the food. Salmon and cream cheese sandwiches...mmmm.

Tower of food

After the event, I ditched the fancy hat and the heels and jumped into jeans and a leather jacket for a casual night out with Ray. We started with a couple of beers and some pub food at Kell's and migrated over to the Zig Zag for a night of drinking "Murray's choice," which is always the best way to go at the Zig Zag in my opinion.


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