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Stuck in My Head Mix

Well, I seem to be shaking off the plague, which is a good thing.

The last couple of days my brain, helped along by fever and cold medicine I'm sure, has been like a skipping record, jumping from chorus to chorus, snippet of song to snippet of song. Lying half awake in bed, I hear "...two steps on the water...cuz my real life ain't fuckin' funny...welcome to the working week...drink up one more time and I'll make you mine..." It doesn't help at all that I've always had a thing for singers with accents, so that I'm hearing all their quirky affectations in six second bursts.(Fifteen years ago it was Billy Bragg and The Proclaimers. Today it's Arctic Monkeys and Kaiser Chiefs. And curse your catchy tunes, Franz Ferdinand!)

The current mix that's been stuck in my head, for the curious:

All Day Sucker Stevie Wonder
Dirty Harry Gorillaz
Welcome To The Working Week Elvis Costello
Can't Get Out of What I'm Into Liz Phair
Bright Lights, Big City Rockit Girl
Radiation The Epoxies
Every Day I Love You Less And Less Kaiser Chiefs
Once A Glimpse Maximo Park
The Fallen Franz Ferdinand
Fast As You Can Fiona Apple
Wine, Women, and Song Harvey Danger
Beautiful As a Person Boys of Scandinavia
Girlfriend In A Coma The Smiths
Hounds Of Love The Futureheads
Between the Bars Elliott Smith
Riot Van Arctic Monkeys
Me and the Major (Live Version) Belle and Sebastian
Come On / Let's Go (Acoustic) Paul Weller
Dance, Dance Fall Out Boy
Do You Want To Franz Ferdinand
The Boxer The Chemical Brothers
Everything In Its Right Place Radiohead

I love the transitions between some of these songs. Liz's Can't Get Out of What I'm Into flows so nicely into Rockit Girl's Bright Lights, Big City. The Epoxies' syntho-riffic Radiation makes a great preamble for the Kaiser Chiefs' Every Day I Love You Less And Less. I really enjoy how Fall Out Boy dances into Franz Ferdinand which winds down into The Chemical Brothers' The Boxer and finally slows to trance-inducing crawl with Radiohead's Everything In Its Right Place.

Now, if I could just turn off the radio in my head and hear each song in its entirety, only when iTunes is running.


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