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Zookids Rule!

Zookids Rule!
Zookids Rule!,
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Yesterday I spend the day at the Woodland Park Zoo with Katherine and the rest of the Zookids. Construction on the Zoomazium is winding up and the Zookids had the opportunity to take a private, behind the scenes tour.

The kids have been part of the design process from the beginning. They visited Dillion Works to learn about the materials that would be used in the construction, they brain-stormed and critiqued the features the adults came up with, they toured the facility in little hard hats when the walls and roof were up, and they've now gotten to see the partially completed play structures and facilities. It's been amazing. I'm so glad Kate's had the opportunity to be involved.

The kids have also recorded little sound bites for the Zoomazium website when that launches. Next weekend there are auditions for radio spots, a few of the kids are going to get to sing the jingle.

I posted a bunch of pictures to my Flickr album.


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