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Hell's Belles and Ryan Dancey

A shot of the band
A shot of the band,
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No, seriously, when I went out tonight I did not think I'd end up at the Science Fiction Museum, attending a Guild Wars party, where I'd run into Ryan Dancey rocking out to an all-girl AC/DC cover band.

Ryan Dancey

Of course, I also didn't know there was such a thing as synthetic urine, either. But there is! Quick Fix is the particular brand I photographed for evidence, in case I should never see such a thing again in my life. And frankly, I hope I don't. If you can't read the lettering, the box reads: Pre-mixed synthetic urine. Male or Female. Ready to Pour.

Synthetic Urine?

Synthetic urine and Ryan Dancey rocking out, in one night. What are the odds?

Pramas posts more details.


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Anonymous Ramsey Hong Says:

Synthetic Urine. LOL. I guess I knew it existed for people that try to cheat drug tests, but sheesh. "Drug test" solutions. LOL.


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