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Change of Plans

This weekend was originally supposed to be a fun weekend for us, where Chris and I were going to go away with friends. Then it turned out that our friends couldn't go away after all, so we somewhat reluctantly decided to go away alone anyway...tickets had already been purchased, reservations already made.

Today we finally bit the bullet and canceled our plans altogether. Chris came back from GTS and brought some lovely con crud with him and the two of us have been feeling pretty crappy all week. The thought of an early morning plane flight, a weekend away alone where we'd originally planned to be with friends, and being sick on top of it was just too much. We both realized we'd rather stay in bed and watch TiVo than travel.

So I started in on some recuperation by knocking off work this afternoon, eating homemade soup, and watching the DVD of Crash that's been sitting around gathering dust since I ordered it up from Netflix last week. I modified my hotel reservation (in case we rebook the trip later this spring...I can always cancel later if it comes to it), and got the airline to issue me a credit (and after coughing and croaking in the ear of the agent while he handled my case, he kindly suggested I might be able to get a doctor's note...I doubt either of us are sick enough to qualify for that, but I appreciated the thought).

Tomorrow I've got to go out to take Kate to her dad's, so I'll finish up the languishing mail orders and get to the grocery store for more OJ and chicken soup while I'm at it. I hope we feel better by the weekend because I have things to do...so many things to do.


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