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Confirmation: Technology still hates me

What a joyous week this has been for things technology-related.

I'm one of those people who has a high personal magnetic aura or a Pikachu-style electric personality...or something. We go through clocks and light bulbs like no one I've ever heard. I've killed computers just by hitting "save". I've gone through more hard drives and routers than any normal person should. It's the craziest thing. I swear, technology has it out for me.

This week, while half the company has been at the GAMA Trade Show, I've been trying to hold down the fort at home. Meanwhile, the mechanical devices took this time to plot their revolt. Monday the phones went out, and they've been out all week. I've now got the phone line working, but the fax line is still down for the count. Today it's been the internet, which has been going through long periods of not working. For a while this morning, it was both. (I called the internet folks, who said "Yeah, we left you message on your phone about the outage," and I had to say, "Ah, right, the phone is out too. Next call: Qwest." Also having all sorts of problems with a couple of utterly essential computer programs, residual wonkiness from a recent power outage, I think.

This is also the week that the builders for our neighborhood sent around their contractors who have been under the house in the crawl-space for the last three days, tearing out our moldy "moisture barrier", cleaning out mud and debris, and installing a permanent sump pump. Unfortunately, the electricians couldn't be scheduled at the same time, so the sump pump isn't actually operating. That joy will have to wait until next week. I should probably just plan to be out of the house while they're handling our electricity, just to be safe. Because with my luck, something would happen...

If anyone is trying to reach me, the cell phone still works (unless I'm home, I can't use the damn thing in my house). I hope to have all my electronic gadgets and mechanical gizmos in working order again by next week. (Fingers crossed and sacrifices made, of course.)


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