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Though I do have several pairs of cheap shoes, I don't think of myself a typical "shoe chick". I'm 5'10" and my feet are large, which puts me into the size 10s and 11s (depending on the maker) for most shoes. There's not a lot of selection for those sizes especially for someone who doesn't want to feel she must mortgage the rest of the limb to buy the shoe.

Around the time I turned 30 I started to notice that I couldn't comfortably wear the shoes that had previously been my favorites. The Doc Martins, the Chuck Taylors, even the Birkenstocks left my feet sore or irritated in ways that they'd never been before. El Cheapo shoes bought at Payless or Target were even worse, but I couldn't bring myself to buy shoes that were more expensive than everything else I was wearing put together.

The only time I've really splurged on shoes was back when I was still working at Cheapass Games. Our offices were along the Burke Gilman Trail and I was doing a lot more biking, walking, and even playing with the idea of running again (before I had to admit that my knees weren't up to it). I went down to a sports shoe store and spent at least an hour going over my options with the sales chick, trying on many different styles and brands until I found a pair of cross-trainers that fit my feet perfectly.

I had those shoes until the start of 2006, when they finally developed a hole in the sole. While my foot wasn't getting wet (yet!) I could hear the water squishing in and out of the shoe with every step. It was time.

I was reluctant to go through the whole rigamarole of trying on the different styles and brands that have undoubtedly come on the scene since I bought those shoes, but shoe technology doesn't stand still and the shoes that had served me so well had been discontinued. Putting my faith in the internet to the test, I ordered the same brand of shoe in a slightly different style.

They arrived this week and they're like walking on air. They came with a tag attached that touted this shoe had been chosen the best cross trainer by Shape Magazine, and I'd certainly vote for them myself. Last night I went out with Kate and walked around Lake Union while Chris went off for his regular minis game.

Sometimes it's money well spent to go with the premium choice. I'm very happy with these shoes and if I get even half the life out of them that I got from their predecessors, I'll still have gotten an outrageous deal. Yay for happy feet!


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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Are those Sauconys? Mary absolutely swears by them.


Blogger Nikchick Says:

They are indeed. I agree with Mary, they're the best athletic shoes I've ever had on my feet.


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