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So, you've found my blog...

A warm hello to all the new readers who have come over to my blog thanks to a few other dust-ups that have happened elsewhere on the big o' internet.

While we're getting to know each other (or at least you're getting to know me, you sneaky lurkers!) please keep a few things in mind:

* My name is NICOLE LINDROOS. Not Nichol or Nichole, not Lindros or Lindross, and definitely NOT Pramas! I prefer Ms. to Mrs. and pretty much the only people who call me Nikki (or any derivative spelling thereof) are people who have known me since I was a little girl or people who are being overly familiar with me.

* My blog is not a secret, not private, but it IS personal. I use this blog as a way to interact with my far-flung friends and family, to keep people who care about me up to date on what is happening in my PERSONAL LIFE. I'm not posting this stuff because I assume you, oh random browser, will be so fascinated with my life that you hang on my every word. This is primarily for people who know me, or are interested in the things that interest me. Other people who find this blog interesting are welcome to read along, but you gamer types in particular should keep in mind that I rarely talk about gaming. I sometimes talk about the game industry. I often talk about food, travel, politics, my daughter, and my friends. I often rant, full-on and heart-felt, to get something off my chest. I'm nothing if not passionate.

* I've had a career in gaming since 1987. I am the General Manager for Green Ronin Publishing. That means I handle bookkeeping stuff. I don't write, I don't edit, I don't engage in the creative material generation at all anymore. I used to be a writer, I've contributed to plenty of games in the past and early in the company's existence I had a few creative contributions but these days it's all project management and bookkeeping.

* If you think I'm talking about YOU, I'm probably not. I know you saw the posts where I was ranting about a writer who turned in a pile of gobbledygook/couldn't come within six months of a deadline/couldn't take editorial direction or whatever my rant of the day was. Thought that was about you, your friends, or your favorite project? It probably wasn't. In the last five years we've worked with hundreds of authors, artists, and editors and worked on hundreds of titles (both published and unpublished). At any given time, we have up to a dozen products "in play" and believe me there's been more than one example of every conceivable type of screw-up that I might rant about here. Often you'll see a composite rant, especially if it's game related, where one specific example can be held up as typifying a trend, or where three or four rants about unrelated projects are combined into one generic rant. Unless you know you are the guy who turned over his material 12 weeks late and you know I'm talking about you (in which case, you also know you should be ashamed of yourself!), it's always best to assume that I'm talking about someone else. Or no one in particular, but a situation, a climate, or a generalized frustration.

* For the record: I've also never disparaged Graeme Davis, who is a wonderful man and a fine writer, so please don't be upset on his behalf because you think I have. Seriously.

* On the other hand, if you're free to call me names on the message board or blog of your choice, understand that I will probably come to think of you as an asshole and may indeed actually call you one. Fair's fair, you get to call me a bitch, I get to call you an asshole, and we all get to revel in our freedom of speech.

Feel free to engage me in conversation about anything you find here.


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Anonymous Dr John K Says:

You allude to Carly Simon: I've been wondering recently if I'd really be so vain if the song (or here, the blog entry) really was about me.

I mean, I can see that I would be vain to think that the blog entry was about me if it wasn't, but am I as vain if I thought the blog entry was about me and it was?

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

"pretty much the only people who call me Nikki (or any derivative spelling thereof) are people who have known me since I was a little girl or people who are being overly familiar with me."

So cut that you sign as Nichick...

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

You know, if you're going to bother being an Anonymous ass the least you can do is try to get your so-called "zing" right:

"So cute that you sign as Nikchick."


Blogger Kat Says:

Wow, did I miss some blog fun? Aren't you glad people think you're "cut"? *snort*

Blogger Nikchick Says:

Oh, there's always fun on the internet! Apparently if you call an internet kook an internet kook, all sorts of people take that as you calling THEM internet kooks (whether or not they are). If a guy buys one of our books and then proceeds to engage in petty slams against us all over the internet for the next year, saying anything about it would be wrong, because, you know, he's a "customer". :)

Anonymous James Wallis Says:

Hey, you've not been kooked till some guy you've never met accuses you of being a neo-Nazi holocaust-revisionist and then sues you for defamation.

I speak from experience.

Blogger Nikchick Says:

You truly are the standard by which we measure.

Anonymous Joanna Says:

Strangely, I did stumble across your blog yesterday, although I wasn't really looking for it. Your food reviews intrigued me, although working for you & Chris doesn't hurt (one of your newer freelance editors as of last year - don't think we've talked since my first "cold email").

I've decided my professional goal is to make sure you never have a reason to rant about me. :) And on that note...back to work.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Hey, Joanna, are you the same beginning editor who attended one (or more) of my seminars on editing in the game industry at Origins in years past?

Spike Y Jones

Anonymous Joanna Says:

So, is it bad form to reply to someone other than the blogger? :) Yes, Spike, same person. Those seminars were great; thanks for doing them.

Blogger Nikchick Says:

Doesn't bother me at all, especially when I know Spike doesn't have a blog of his own. I'll share mine. :)

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Thanks, Nicole. Just for that, I'm sending you some photos of the girls from the last Milwaukee GenCon that I just came across.

And Joanna, glad the seminars were of use.



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