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Death in the "Family"

It's never good when the phone rings at 11:00pm.

My mom just called to let me know there's been a death in the "family". Her husband's brother was found dead in Arizona. She's not clear on details, but did think she and her husband will have to leave town to go sort things out and wanted to know if I could come stay at her house (the house she's owned since I was in jr. high). I'm not close to her husband or any of his kin, but my brother just started med school this fall so he's not able to help out and I'm not about to leave my mom high and dry.

Predictably, I'm up to my eyeballs in work that I can't really take with me (my mom doesn't have internet at her house, for starters) but family is family and my mom is my mom, so if a few folks can't get their mail orders filled or get answers to their e-mail queries until I return, I guess that's just how it's got to be.

I'll sort out more in the morning, when my mom knows more.

Perhaps this will be a good time for me to get together with my Portland-area friends?


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