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Portland a No Go

As per my mother's instructions, I called her back this morning for more details and was told "Nevermind." They're still going to Arizona to deal with the death, but apparently (unbeknownst to me, even though I talked to my mom last week) my grandmother is also not doing well and had surgery last week for clogged carotid arteries (fully blocked on one side, 95% on the other), then had vision trouble and couldn't walk when she got home so went back to the ER and that's the last my mom heard. This will be the second time my grandmother's had this surgery. With that in mind, they're going to be gone much longer than they thought so they can go to the other side of the state and check up on my grandma while they're "in the area" and they don't want me to come down for that long so they're making other arrangements.


I really wonder what is up with my mother sometimes. This is the third or fourth time this year that she's called me at night because she's all upset about something and "needs" me (chest pains, her husband pissed her off, whatever) and then by morning she seems like she either doesn't remember calling me or she's just done a complete about face and changed her mind entirely.

I'm relieved that I don't have to rush off this morning and leave things at home and work in a shambles, but I'm a little disappointed that I won't have the chance to visit Portland after all. It's been ages since I've been down there for anything other than family drama. Must plan a proper visit soon!


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