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My Tivo schedule includes:

Nero Wolfe
Good Eats
Law & Order
Animal Cops
Nanny 911
America's Test Kitchen
Teen Titans
The Daily Show

Tivo suggests all sorts of shows that I might like, but it seems that it presumes that I will like things for the wrong reasons. I like Nanny 911, but I don't generally enjoy reality shows and I have no interest in watching The Apprentice or Survivor or The Littlest Groom or whatever is passing for reality television these days. I like Law & Order but dislike its spin-offs like Law & Order: Criminal Intent or : Special Victims Unit. I like Animal Cops, but Tivo doesn't suggest Emergency Vets or Venom ER (I have to remember to watch those on my own).

Instead of relying on Tivo to suggest shows I might enjoy, I turn to you, gentle readers: what television would you recommend I program the ol' Tivo to record for me?


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Blogger Evan Says:

Alias. We might not have Buffy or Angel anymore, but we can still watch the young and the beautiful kick some badguy ass. Favorite show at the Sass household.

Blogger J.D. Says:


Anonymous Anonymous Says:

My schedule is like this:

Teen Titans
Justice League Unlimited

Ghost in the Shell
Full Metal Alchemist
Cowboy Bebop

Star Trek: Enterprise
Iron Chef America

Stargate SG-1
Stargate Atlantis
Battlestar Galactica

Not a whole lot during the week, but a whole lot during the weekend.

I suppose I should start watching Law & Order again, but I wasn't pleased with the changes this season. I much prefer the ensamble acting in L&O: SVU or Vincent D'Onorfio (sp?) in L&O:CI.

Terry O'Brien

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

If you get Showtime (and this show is pretty much the best & only reason to get it if you don't already), _Penn & Teller's Bullshit!_ is quite simply the best, funniest, most informative, most valuable show on TV.

Season Three starts in April.

--Christopher McGlothlin, M.Ed.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Since 1993, I almost never watch TV anymore (not some kind of social statement, just a lack of time created by some signigicant life changes -- I have nothing against TV watching per se). The only two shows I miss are The West Wing and Gilmore Girls, both of which I believe are still on the air, though whether the writing is as fantastic now as it was when I was a regular viewer, I couldn't tell you. Have you tried either of them?



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