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My back decided to seize up on me today. Thankfully I got through Kate's Parent-Teacher conference, but I swear I almost fell down on the ground in pain just turning to walk down my own front steps. It's the lower right side, which is where I had the most trouble when I was pregnant, too. Sciatic nerve pain down my leg and into the small of my back.

I'm lying down after I take some 222s.

Safeway.com is delivering my groceries tomorrow afternoon. I planned on making either wasabi-flank steak or stuffed pasta shells for game night, but if I'm still feeling like this, I'm not going to be doing much standing and cooking. Nor will I be much good for washing up; the sink is at just the right height to give me a back ache on a normal day, let alone when my back is already twinging.

Stupid body.


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Blogger Toren Q Atkinson Says:

Have you guys seen The Incredibles yet? Because if you haven't - you should. I loved it.

Blogger Nikchick Says:

Haven't seen it yet. We could have seen it opening weekend but waited to see it with Kate (who, unbeknowst to us, saw it with her dad instead). It's on the list, though.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

The Incredibles doth indeed rock.

Sorry to hear about your back pain, hon. I hope you feel better soon.

Steve K.

Blogger L0N Says:

Hope your back feels better soon. Isnt middle age fun? :-D


Blogger Spike Y Jones Says:

I thought The Incredibles was good (although not incredible). And it was more family-friendly than a lot of the other family movies that have come out in recent years.


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