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From Bed

Bah. My sciatica is still acting up. Mostly confines itself to a tinglying/burning kind of sensation in my lower back and hip as long as I don't move and am semi-reclined. A cocktail of anti-inflamatories and alcohol dull it, and it gets better overnight but ratchets up during the day, after sitting up for a while.

I'll ride the bus off to see my doctor tomorrow.


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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

I'm curious - does your back normally act up in the fall? I have a bad back as well and almost without fail, some time between October and November, my back gets twitchy or I outright pinch a nerve and lay myself out in insane pain... I'm wondering if it might have something to do with the time of year (being colder so shivering more which means tight muscles all over the place blah blah blah). Anyhow, do you find your back regularly acts up come fall?

Jeff Mackintosh

Blogger Nikchick Says:

I can't say I've noticed a pattern to it. When I lived in Minnesota, I did get more achy and have more problems with pain in my knees in the winter. And I could tell when there were big storms coming...by the changes in barometric pressure or something.

Seattle is definitely better for my aches and pains than Minnesota was, and summer generally better than winter.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

You probably could have summarized that with "Seattle is better." and done away with a lot of the extra typing... :)

Then again, you know I love the city...



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