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In Good Food News

I've updated my recipe page. Incredible Orange Rolls and Maple-and-Herb-Brined Roast Pork (from the Herbfarm Cookbook), yo.

My long entry with photos about my tour of the Seattle's Cookin' Expo on Sunday will have to wait until I have something other than dial-up to work with... or until the middle of the night, I suppose.


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Blogger J.D. Says:

Hey -- any chance of getting short evaluations of each recipe? Or can we assume that each recipe you post is good?

I'm always looking for good recipes. :)

Blogger Nikchick Says:

I mean to post some evaluations of the recipes, but currently it's all I can do to post the recipes themselves. Many of these I'm trying for the first time. In that vein, I'm trying to stick to the good ones.

What sorts of info would people like to see from me on the recipes I try? Ease of prep? Evaluations of taste? Adult commentary (in contrast to Kate's usual dismissal)? Something else entirely?


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