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People who know me know that I love to cook. I've been meaning to do something more than just post random musings to my website for quite a while now. I will be posting a diary of what I've been cooking and links to the recipes I'm currently trying.

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Anonymous Anonymous Says:


Using IE 6.0 in Win 2000, your recipes page comes out as black text on a black background. (If you wanted to keep your recipes secret, why hide them in plain sight on a web page? :)

John K.

Blogger Nikchick Says:

Grr. Just noticed that it doesn't work with Firefox either. Damn it. Looked fine in IE 5 for OS X, though. I'll keep tinkering. Might have to default to black and white formatting until I figure it out.

That's what I get for thinking I'm clever. Technology does hate me after all...

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Codrus here...

Two things I noticed:
You have two body tags in the html. Seems like the browser was ignoring that one.

Second, where the browsers seem to be dying is on your color declarations. If you pad them out to 6 digits, it works correctly -- or at least gets a lot closer. The color is still off on IE 6, but it is closer, and readable.

At a guess, the old-school html renderer is probably rendering differently, which is why I see the colors appear different. The recipies page doesn't have a doc-type or a lot of the other header information in it, which usually means browsers will go into a compatibility mode and render like they did about 5 years ago.

Your main page has a doctype of xhtml 1.0 strict, and uses CSS styles, so it'll definitely be rendered down a different path than the recipies page.

alphageek out.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Codrus here again.

My guess is the other rendering problems are caused by the #rgb syntax. I'm guessing old-school html rendering doesn't support that.

css style sheet definitely supports #rgb and #rrggbb coloring.

You can convert the one to the other by just duplicating the digits. I hacked that into your code and it renders exactly the same color as your main page.

Blogger Nikchick Says:

Thanks Codrus. My HTML skills are only slightly more up to date than my German skills (which is to say I can order a beer and ask where to catch the bus, if you ignore the fact that I can't remember the gender of the bus...).

I have no idea what the proper digits are to represent my color scheme, so I've just gone in and replaced the offending bits with colors that work for now.

I'll have to pick your brain a bit later so I can get some hints for functioning with HTML in this decade. ;)

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

I can help, I can loan you books, and I can point out at least a couple of useful links. :)


and especially:


With the validator, you can run a page through the validator to check all the HTML syntax. I was having problems getting the validator to run on local copies of a page, but it works just fine grabbing one off a server. I frequently use this when debugging my own pages or when I'm looking at someone else's page that seems broken.

As far as the color schemes, I think the following should be what you wanted:

link="#bb770" text="#000000" bgcolor="#dddd99" vlink="#777744"

Essentially, the standard graphics algorithm when you need to expand a color is to smear the data. so from 3 bytes to 6, you just duplicate each byte twice.

I'll be by for game tonight and we can take 5 minutes and do some other fixups.

Blogger Swiftyjess Says:

Do you plan on commenting about the recipes you've tried on your recipe page? I'd be interested in knowing the tastiness factor and level of skill involved.
I heart Cooking Light also!


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