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Busy Coupla Days

Tuesday Kate came home from school telling me that they'd had a lockdown at her school. As she tells it "Someone jacked a car and dumped it by our school." She saw and spoke to police officers who were "swarming" around the school, some with guns out. They asked her if she'd seen a black man in white clothes, and she said no, why? Then they explained why they were looking for the man, and shortly after all the kids were hustled back into their classrooms and doors were locked. The school, on the other hand, did not contact us with any information or explanations. I hate the crap communications at these schools!

Tuesday was also game night, so I made Meatloaf Wrapped in Bacon for the boys. It was, I must say, the best meatloaf I've ever made. SO good, highly recommended for meat lovers. Bruce chipped in a pound cake and raspberries and I whipped up some heavy cream to go along with it. Baby Zoey joined us for a bit of gaming, but was thoroughly sick of us by 10pm and we broke off for the evening without having made much progress at all in the adventure. We're stumped.

Yesterday I went with Kate's class (and two other classes) on a hike planned by the school PE teacher. We took the bus out to a mountain trail and then the kids were marched up the trail. According to what I've read the trail starts at 2600 feet, gains 740 feet as you hike, and it was 2.2 miles each way. We hiked for 2 hours, including a very short stop for lunch. Of course it was raining on us and the trail was awfully slippery and muddy in several places... one poor little girl had her shoe sucked right off her foot when she stepped in some mud!

At one point one of the teachers who was in the lead was letting a bunch of eager kids run ahead on the trail and when I caught up they'd lost the trail and gone scaling up a cliff face of boulders! Oh my god, I thought I would swoon, the thought of those rambunctious kids up there on the slippery, wet boulders! Thankfully, Kate's classroom teacher was already up there getting the kids down.

I twisted my knee on a slippery part of the path on the way up and by the time I got down I was having real trouble. Spent the rest of the day limping horribly and eventually last night had to just crawl into bed with an ice pack on my knee. Took some anti-inflammatory stuff and I'm better this morning. REALLY sore all over from the workout of climbing the trail, but I can bend my knee and get up and down the stairs, which I was really struggling with last night.

Whipped up a quick dinner from the bounty of the farmer's market of chanterelle mushrooms sautéed in butter, a bit of sherry and with a dab of sour cream, served over toast (from the fresh sour dough loaf). Too tired and sore to do anything else.

The DSL cut out at 6:45 last night, and I couldn't even work from the laptop in bed (where I was resting my knee with an ice pack) so I made due with watching The Daily Show, Good Eats, and a documentary about the cover-up surrounding 1995 killing of two young Puerto Rican men by NYPD detectives (one who had former been Mayor Giuliani's body guard) called Justifiable Homicide on TiVo.


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Blogger Spike Y Jones Says:

Yeah, Randa had a lockdown at her school a few weeks ago. Someone held up the bank in the shopping centre a few hundred yards away, and since his direction of flight was vaguely consistent with school-ward, they went into lockdown. At least the kids didn't have to hide under their desks protecting their heads from the nuclear fallout.


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