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Car Update

For those of you who haven't been following along with the saga of my car, here's a little recap. Back at the very end of January, my car was disabled by a run in with a pothole and a steel plate in the road, the day before we left for our trip to England to meet with the folks at Games Workshop. Delightful timing, yes. When we returned form the trip, I followed the advice of the Seattle police and filed a claim with the City of Seattle. The City sent me a nice post card warning me that it would take them 4-6 weeks to process my claim, and eventually informed me that the issue was to be forwarded to the Seattle Housing Authority, who were responsible for the construction. Seattle Housing Authority took a while to look it over, and then informed me that they were forwarding the issue to the construction company that was physically doing the construction.

Cut to summer, convention season, lots of travel and whatnot. I make a couple of half-hearted calls to follow up but really my plate was too full to worry much about it. The weather was nice, I signed up for Flexcar, and went about my business. Gave serious consideration to just getting rid of the car altogether.

Meanwhile, the molasses-slow wheels of justice have been turning in the background. The construction company forwarded the claim to the subcontractor who they now say have responsibility for making things right. There's some additional controversy thrown in because the construction company admits that the hole developed around their work, but it developed because the city's drainage system was not working properly and water backed up. Seems like I've been caught in the middle.

The wife of the contractor called me today and was wondering what the damage amount was for my claim. I explained that I hadn't taken the car to be fixed because I was not sure of the processes, if there would be a claim adjustor or someone else involved or if I would need to take my car to a particular station for service, and I did not want to undertake significant, unknown repairs without knowing what I was dealing with. As it's now been nine months of being bounced around and waiting, she agrees that I've been "very patient" and she's going to send her husband out to talk to me, probably tomorrow, so we can "come to some sort of agreement."

If I could have my own car in working order before the rains set in, that would be truly fantastic.


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Blogger Rona Says:

Good luck with your car, Nik!

Blogger BeK Says:

Just make sure that "some sort of agreement" doesn't involve a Louisville Slugger.

Blogger J.D. Says:

You know what I just realized? I *can* comment here! Didn't I start my weblog with Blogger? Why yes! And mightn't my account still be active? Why yes! And might that preclude the need to register for comments? Why yes again!

So, like it or not, you have me back among the commenters instead of just the lurkers.

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Given my current car woes and your on-going car woes and Jeff Tidballs recent Focus woes (though the fucker bought a Beemer...) and Will Hindmarch's not-so-long-ago car woes, I'm simply convinced that cars are evil and exact their vengeance on our pocketbooks and they must be erradicated and we all need our personal jetpacks. Now!

Jetpacks for the world! Down with cars!

Wouldn't that be a nice world?... I can wish...

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Dammit... Forgot to add my name to that post...

Jeff Mackintosh



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