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Being American

One of the best purchases I made at Comic Con was the "We Are Not All Jerks" Shirt from the Dumbrella booth.

Truly, I've been discouraged and ashamed and more than a little hopeless. Being an American just doesn't seem to mean the what I grew up believing it meant.

Bless his gentle heart, Jimmy Carter's speech at the Democratic Convention lays out exactly what needs to be done. He can still see the America I once believed existed. I hope we have the chance to try to get it back.

Meanwhile, I guess I'll just wear my shirt and apologize a lot.


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Blogger mythago Says:

I like the Buccaneer-Americans shirt.

I don't get the point of apologizing for being American. We could lay down our arms and sing "Kumbaya," invent the cure for HIV, and re-elect Clinton, and most of Europe would still be making catty remarks about how we're fat and loud and if only we would apologize a little more, please, for not being as cultured as our betters (read: Europe). If they haven't figured out that Bush stole the election and we're mad as hell, it's because they don't want to.

Blogger Damelon Says:

mythago are you speaking from personal experiences or just shooting off your mouth (figuratively speaking)? I've been living in France for over four years now, and I have yet to ever experience any of this garbage you refer to. Or maybe a better way to say it is, I don't notice it any more out of the French than I ever did out of other Americans. Assholes are assholes the world over, and France (and I suspect the rest of Europe) doesn't have any higher frequency of them than the US does.


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