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Comic Con

Just like Vegas in March, I arrived in San Diego feeling just fine. One or two nights in air conditioning, though, and I'm sick as a dog. Ridiculous head cold, horribly sore and swollen throat. The air conditioning seems to be what really does it to me, for whatever reason. Bad filters? Air too dry or too moist? I have no idea, but it makes me a really ineffective booth staffer, let me tell you.

It took a good hour last night for the crowd of people let in for ComicCon's "Preview Night" to filter through the huge building and end up in our little corner of the hall. There are a few more hobby game industry people exhibiting this year. Of course the big guys like WizKids, Wizards/Hasbro and Upper Deck are here, but for the most part there aren't a lot of small publishers here. I'm not sure that I'd recommend it for most of the folks from our corner, either. We're here because we've got comic properties like The Nocturnals and The Red Star in RPG form, plus our generic Mutants & Masterminds line. Even so, it's a bit of a stretch to make it all relevant to the Comic Con attendees, I think. Folks like Adventure Retail, repping Atlas and Steve Jackson Games, plus a wide variety of other games and game-geek paraphernalia (dice, cthulhu plushies) are really in a much better position to make Comic Con a significant stop on their summer convention tour.

The coolest thing I've seen at Comic Con so far is the Red Tango booth near us, with gorgeous retro kitty goodies. They must be mine! Nothing to do with comics, but I lust for them anyway.


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