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Bed Day, Farm Aid, and No Hersheyland

Sunday Kate declared we should have Bed Day. We would retire to my bed in our pajamas, watch movies, play games, and eat junky food. Kate created a the menu for the day: donuts, corn chips, cheese dip, cheetos, soda, soup (Campbells Chicken & Stars Soup at Hand, specifically), avocado, and pie.

I dutifully picked up her requests from the store, and an assortment of Kate-friendly videos and DVDs that wouldn't make my own brain melt out of my ears. A selection of Little Rascals classics, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, Monty Python. We crawled into my bed, watched videos, ate delicious junk, dressed Kate's Polly pockets, and she tried valiantly to get us to play some MagBlast but that never happened. We capped off bed day by watching a dozen Strong Bad E-Mails. Kate drew Trogdor the Burninator for me, full of majesty and "consonant Vs" (said Kate) before I finally forced her to go to bed for real.

Monday we all ended up down at the Pike Place Market around breakfast time, and ended up with a ringside seat to the press conference that announced Farm Aid would be happening here in the Seattle area. Got to see the Seattle Mayor give a little speech about how Farm Aid brings together two things that Seattle loves: music and food. I pretended to be excited about it, so that Kate might also be excited about seeing the mayor of her city giving a speech about something she could grok. She's just a smidge too young to be entirely cynical already. I think it worked, she was at least mildly interested.

Kate's back in Canada for a couple of weeks before we all head out to Indianapolis for GenCon. I had to break it to her that we weren't going to DragonCon this year after all, which meant no road trip to Hershey PA "on the way." She's a good sport about it, though, and I'm going to devote the last two weeks of her summer vacation to doing some fun, family things with her that have nothing to do with conventions. Probably nothing as tantalizing to her imagination as a chocolate theme park, sadly.


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Blogger Will Says:

These "Bed Days" sound like how I spent last two semesters in college.

I did not graduate.

Blogger Toren Q Atkinson Says:

Bed Day sounds really cool. You're a great mom.


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