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Today's Progress

Thanks to a Honda Element from Zipcar (picked up downtown since there are no longer any Zipcar vehicles on Beacon Hill) I managed to make a few runs to the various recycling and transfer centers around Seattle. I cleaned out enough boxes of Styrofoam packaging to fill the whole cube-y back of the Element and made a trip to Total Reclaim to recycle useless electronics including:

3 broken routers
1 SCSI Zip Drive
2 dead Palm devices
6 dead phones
4 broken keyboards
8 defunct mice
3 Palm chargers
2 calculators
1 headset
3 or more phone chargers
1 broken CPU fan
20+ miscellaneous power cords for unknown devices
1 USB hub
1 multi-card reader
1 defunct 10-key pad
1 broken wireless hub
1 ancient power screwdriver
3 external modems (going back to 2400 baud)
1 bubble jet printer
1 old alarm system, or the broken components thereof
1 half-sized beverage fridge (RIP old game-night friend!)

I think we finally may be hitting the end of the electronics graveyard that we've been maintaining for the last decade. Back before recycling operations were as affordable and easy to access as those we have today, I just couldn't bear to throw these things out with the trash. Dumping illegally along the side of the road (like so many of my neighbors resorted to after responsible cities stopped accepting electronic junk with their garbage pick-ups) was never an option, ever ever ever. That's not how I roll, as the kids used to say. I held on and waited for a solution to present itself.

It was worth every penny of my $17.50 to rid us of the 51 pounds our miscellaneous defunct electronics and the $20 to have a responsible recycler take the dead 'fridge off my hands.



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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Good for you! What a responsible thing to do -- and what an impressive list. Only next time let me know when you're getting rid of that sort of stuff -- Vivian loves to play with electronics, functional or no. I got her a dead keyboard and a defunct ten-key pad from Goodwill for Christmas, in fact. Srsly, as the kids used to say.


Blogger Toren Atkinson Says:

You could have made a killer sci-fi prop with all that junk!

Anonymous Anonymous Says:

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