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The Great Reorg of 2009

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Chris has been posting a little about his ongoing office reorganization. After installing an attic ladder this fall, I've moved on to sorting things in our drawers and closets so that everything in the house has a home. It's impossible to put things away when you don't have anywhere to put them and that was the situation in our house as 2008 drew to a close. Instead of watching tv, playing computer games, reading, blogging, or otherwise screwing around in the evenings I've been spending my nights and weekends going through our house from top to bottom.

We gave two full sets of old luggage, several boxes of old clothes and bedding and other household items to charity last week and moved several plastic bins of rarely used items up to the attic. I expect this project will keep me busy for a good long time yet but I'm motivated to keep at it because I find gazing in on my orderly cupboards, tidy laundry room, and functional closets is immensely satisfying. I look forward to getting the larger spaces similarly organized.


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