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Lazy, Sickly Long Weekend

Yesterday we headed over to R&C's for a planned evening of kibitzing and some quality time with them and 4/5ths of the Gitel-family. On the way I started developing a migraine. It was a wacky, slow-developing one, triggered by I don't know what. I actually got the nausea first, before any pain. The first "pain" wasn't even really painful, more uncomfortable, like a phantom headache centered around the eye and temple where my migraines usually manifest. It wasn't until we were well into the bus ride that I realized that I wasn't having some weird motion-sickness episode but developing a freaky migraine. Then I spent the last half of the bus trip covering my eyes from the bright sun and trying not to moan too loudly or puke every time the bus driver slammed on the brakes (which seemed to be every block or so... these guys just don't believe in easing up to a stop, I swear). By the time I showed up at R&C's I was in poor shape and they hustled me up to a dark room with some meds, ice water and a cold compress.

Thankfully, the meds worked wonders and I was feeling entirely better within a couple of hours, so I wasn't sick and knocked out for the whole evening.

Home this afternoon and have finally fallen to a late-summer cold. I've been lucky so far this year, considering all of our travel, that I haven't picked up more diseases or "con crud" but I thnk the two weeks of travel, hotels, and mingling with strangers has finally taken its toll. Thankfully, I don't have to drive down to get Kate from my mom's until Tuesday, so I'm planning to lay around in bed, watch TiVo and do some logic puzzles tomorrow while drinking lots of liquids and generally being lazy and recuperative. Hopefully I can roll into next week feeling a little better than I do now. Not exactly an exciting holiday weekend but after the last few weeks I'm just pretty happy to see the inside of my own house and sleep in my own bed. Oh, and pet bunnies (even bad, cord-chewing ones).

Kate officially becomes a middle schooler on Wednesday.



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