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Food Photos

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I've put up some food photos from this week. The GenCon 2007 photos are in another set, but this is how I ended my day of horrific travel: pizza at Tutta Bella in Columbia City (olive oil, fresh figs, proscuitto, and chevre is the "pizza of the day" this month) followed by some Nutella sorbet and a shot of espresso.

I feel better.

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Anonymous Terry O'Brien Says:

Just what were you doing in such a forsaken place as Columbia City?

Anonymous Terry O'Brien Says:

Or is this someplace other than the town in Indiana? Since you were just in Indy, its not too unlikely that you could be there, but why?

Blogger Nikchick Says:

Columbia City is a neighborhood in Seattle. :) One of those historic neighborhoods that used to be its own town before Seattle swallowed it up.


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