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Busy Day

In addition to generally catching up on things work-related (or at least making some headway), I also:
  • confirmed my brother is not dead in a ditch somewhere, just swamped with his surgical rotation
  • made a dentist appointment for Kate (can't get in until November 19th!)
  • made a doctor's appointment for Kate (needs immunizations updated)
  • arranged with my mom to send Kate to her house for Labor Day Weekend visit
  • made three Flexcar reservations
  • arranged to return Kate's defective shoes to Land's End (second try with these, same problem both times, getting a refund this time)
  • took Kate to 6th Grade Orientation at her new school building
  • went grocery shopping for the first time in weeks
I still have to arrange to have our washing machine fixed, replace the garbage disposal, and mow the weeds before the HOA notices them, but I really felt like I made some progress today. I'm very much looking forward to being home, eating my own food, sleeping in my own bed for a while.

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