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Family Day

Had some good quality time with the family today. Chris made breakfast and puttered around in his office while I uploaded photos from Las Vegas to my Flickr account, then we watched an episode of The Shield while Kate tried to satisfy her growing anime obsession through You Tube.

We went out in the afternoon for a little while, walking around the Olympic Sculpture Park (which I've been dying to investigate) and enjoyed a somewhat overcast and chilly day outside viewing the sculptures (while Kate complained that a bench made of concrete isn't "art") and strolling the adjoining Myrtle Edwards Park along Elliott Bay.

We stopped for drinks at Uptown Espresso ("Seattle's Home of the Velvet Foam")and while we were waiting Michael Jackson's Thriller started to play. As evidence of how that video warped our youths, we both started to pantomime the Thriller zombie dance, to Kate's horror. The more we embarrassed her the funnier I found it. I made sure to find the actual video online when we got home tonight so she could see it. She cut me to the quick by telling me that I don't do the dance very well, but I defended my honor by pointing out that I was trying to do the dance with an 11-year-old girl hanging off me.

I made peach-spiced lamb chops, brown rice and a tomato-avocado-preserved lemon salad for dinner, recipes for at least two of those things highly likely to make it onto my recipe pages. Shortly to bed. Tomorrow it's gingerbread waffles for breakfast!

If you're interested in last week's pictures, I've divided them into the following sets:

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