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Bella Sara

A while back Kate participated in a little PR thing for the folks at Hidden City, for their card game Bella Sara. I talked with Hidden City marketing guys at GTS and they told me that the video was up in the press area of the Bella Sara website. Check out the video of Kate (holding the dog of some innocent bystander who walked by and was shanghaied into letting Kate hold his "cute, cute puppy"). No need to watch to the end, where they shoved me in front of the camera when I least expected it. God, I wish I could stop rolling my eyes around when I'm on camera... I looked like a dork in the video of my first wedding, too. Kate, on the other hand, is a natural.

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Blogger Schwartzman &amp; Associates Says:

As you know, the video we shot of Kate will be used to explain to others how to participate in an upcoming program that Bella Sara will sponsor to make the internet a friendlier place. The reason we shot it on the Bella Sara background, and included the disclaimer at the end, was so to make sure it would be transparent to others that these videos were shot by the company, and not produced by the kids themselves. You can link directly to Kate's video here. The dog was just too cute not to include, so yes, I'm the guy who's guilty of "shanghaiing" the dog, as you put it. Put the only guidelines we gave -- which I'm sure you can attest -- was to describe what inner beauty means to you. This is intended as an exercise in optimism and goodwill, and no amount of sarcasm or cynicism can change that.


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