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The Daisey Incident

Mike's put video up of the disruption of his performance.

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Anonymous Pagan Says:

All I can say to that is wow. At first I thought it was part of the show. (I saw the video before I read your blog below explaining it) People were laughing and enjoying themselves, then some people got up and left. I thought it was part of a joke. I guess not. How rude. That poor man. Getting up and leaving is one thing. Pouring water on the man's paper was really shitty. Saying the word "fuck" may have been offensive but pouring water on someone else's property was harming that person and all of the other people who came to watch the show. If you feel the need to leave then just leave. If they were trying to make a point the only point they successfully made was what jerks they were. Makes me wonder if it wasn't pre-planned.

Blogger Nikchick Says:

I saw a review of that show that claimed (at least at the version the reviewer saw) that an announcement was made that the show contained adult language.

It really is the act of crossing the line and dumping the water over his table that made it so offensive to me. Walking out en masse because you've realized you' booked your Christian high school youth group to see a guy who is going to talk about fucking Paris Hilton, I suppose I can understand that. Not saying so was shitty. Wrecking the script, that was just vindictive and mean.

Blogger Cruel Buddha Says:

If nothing else good comes of it, this will - your blog post reminded me that I've wanted to see Mr. Daisey for quite some time. Found out he's going to be doing his Great Men of Genius stories throughout June in Berkeley. I'm going to see Tesla. :)

Blogger Nikchick Says:

I've seen the Tesla show and it's fun. Happy to hear you'll have a chance to see it, it's right up your alley. :)


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