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Sleet, slush, rain, snow, and hail

Snow on fence tips
Originally uploaded by Nikchick.
I think that covers the weather tonight. Weather.com officially gave up and decided to call our weather conditions "wintery mix".

Went downtown for dinner just as the snow that was threatened all day started to fall. I'd given up on it, thought that in the post-November snow storm and post-wind storm atmosphere the weather forecasters were being overly cautious, but no, sure enough when we decided it was safe to venture out down came the "wintery mix" all over everything.

Downtown things were cold and slushy but not snowy. Returning home to the hill, thick snowy puffs covered everything that could hold snow. Beyond that, though, was the brightness! The cloud cover seemed lit up with reflected light, the whiteness of the ground, the trees, the rooftops and every other remotely horizontal surface brightened the night until I felt as if I was walking home in the early evening instead of many hours after sunset.

Tonight's snow is a wonderful, magical snow. Teenagers and children of permissive parents like me were out playing in it as I made my way home. Snowballs were thrown, kids wrestled and tumbled around in it, late night snow forts and snow people are being created.

The bus that picked me up tonight had chains on its tires and warned riders repeatedly that Beacon Avenue was "blocked" so they were only going as far as Othello. Luckily, that was good enough for me. Kate is outdoors at this very moment, the only kid on the block up this late I suppose, outside claiming every inch of untrodden snow as her own.

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