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Shawn Hornbeck found alive

Back in 2003 I posted about my friend's nephew, Shawn Hornbeck, who had been missing since October 2002. The Elizabeth Smart abduction case had been in the news and it served as a reminder that "missing" was just that, and "missing" could yet turn into "found" and "returned".

After more than four years, CNN is finally reporting that Shawn has been found. Not a lot of details, as this is breaking news as I type this but he's found. He's alive.

I fell out of touch with my friend after Shawn's disappearance. The family focused all their energies into getting the word out about him, conducting searches, and she stopped sending updates as time went on. I'm choked up at this news, excited for them, relieved for them, afraid for them.

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Blogger GamerGuy Says:

Just amazing. I hope they reveal most details about the case; to me on the sidelines it seems astounding that even an 11-year-old boy could be held for years without beeing kept in a cage. Must less a 15-year-old.

I'd like to think that even at 11, I'd be biding my time, waiting for the first opportunity to stick a screwdriver in the kidnappers eye.

It's just astounding he was found at all. I hope they can all be a happy family again.


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