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Trying to Make it to 2007

Computers dying, products not being delivered on time, servers going down, e-mail going missing, juggle, juggle, juggle and that's just a fraction of the work-related juggling! No time for thoughtful writing.

Instead, here's my crack at the 2006 in Review meme that's going around. First line from the first post each month for the year. Pretty mundane, looking back on it:

January -- I've posted some photos of our Christmas in Boston.
February -- Took me a while, but I finally went to check out Fear of Girls.
March -- Yesterday I was feeling perfectly fine.
April -- Events for the great Tynes-Scott wedding of 2006 are underway, culminating last night with his and hers bachelor(ette) parties that eventually merged into one at Chez Pominger.
May -- Pramas wrote up what we did Saturday night.
June -- I managed to sneak in a viewing of The Call of Cthulhu this afternoon at SIFF.
July -- Chris, Kate and I went to see Superman at the Cinerama together last night.
August -- Got back yesterday afternoon in time to pick Chris up from the airport on his return from Massachusetts.
September -- I've lived in the region since 1993 but never came down from Vancouver for Bumbershoot and haven't tried out the festival since I moved to Seattle almost ten years ago.
October -- With Kate at her dad's and Pramas in Oakland, I thought I might be spending an exciting weekend at home catching up on laundry and TiVo or scrubbing the kitchen floor (oh, how it needs it!) but such was not the case!
November -- Pramas knows and understands me better than anyone.
December -- Apparently there was a public meeting on media ownership here in Seattle last night.


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