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The information shuffle

Marc came over and spent a good four hours using his formerly-professional IT mojo to help me get the Atomic Brain back online. I only had to bribe him with ABBRUZZESE LAMB AND RED PEPPER RAGU WITH PENNE and some garlic bread! When a guy who used to fix people's computers for a living keeps saying things like "It shouldn't be doing this," and "I don't know what it's doing," and "Your computer scares me," I don't feel so bad about not being able to make it work myself.

Leave it to me to get the machines that are possessed...

Anyway, with Marc's help the machine is booting again and miraculously stayed fixed overnight while I slept (not a given when my computers are involved). Not only that, I've been able to access the network and have successfully been able to back up to other machines on the network. I really need to consider getting a DVD burner instead of a CD burner so I can back up more to disc at one shot. On the list for 2007, I guess.

Today has been a boring day of moving files around but that's MUCH MUCH better than a boring day of reconstruction by hand from paper information that hadn't been backed up.

Tonight the holiday decorations come out. I have to wait to get a tree until after Kate's 11th Birthday Sleepover Extravaganza because I need to keep the girls in the living room for that, but I've already hung the pretty holly and pine wreath I bought on Bainbridge and if my back can stand it I'm going to start hanging the outdoor lights. My mom, brother and sis-in-law are coming up for Christmas this year and having the family up always makes me feel more festive than usual.


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