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I spent today viciously distracted. Woke up with a "pre-headache" (the headache before a real killer) and felt almost hung over even though I specifically didn't drink last night. Hell, I poured the scotch and decided to pour it down the sink instead but felt like crap when I woke up anyway. Popped some pain killers and some echinacea with my morning coffee, unsure whether it was stress or sickness making me feel this way.

Tried a new recipe for oven-fried chicken tonight; chicken and butternut squash with warm spiced cider to drink. What a fall menu! I also baked some Date, Fig, and Walnut bread which I intend to have for breakfast. We carved jack-o-lanterns last night and I baked up the pumpkin seeds. The seeds were toasted just right but came out a little salty. Should have used unsalted butter or olive oil I guess. Kate could not be more excited about trick or treating tomorrow. Her school skating party is also tomorrow, so it's a double-whammy of thrills for the girl.

For myself, my thrills include the fact that I've filled out my mail in ballot for the mid-term elections. It's off in the mail tomorrow. Wednesday afternoon I'm going to work at a get out the vote phone bank. Kate's away this weekend and I'll be doing a little early birthday celebrating: dinner and the Can Can with friends on Friday, Seattle's Cookin' on Saturday. OK Go (they of the treadmill dance video) are playing Neumos on Sunday night if I want to get really crazy, but my boys Speaker Speaker are playing a VERA Project show Saturday night and I might just go to that if I'm up to it after indulging in food porn all day at the Qwest Field Event Center. If I do that there's no way I'll have the stamina for another night out on Sunday.


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