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Pramas keeps scaring me.

I used to have my main office space downstairs, on the other side of the building from him but after the Great Osseum Implosion of '05, circumstances and my various new responsibilities led me to move my office upstairs in the room next to his.

I chose to set up the computer facing the window that overlooks the park and trees; it's not much of a view, but it's something. I did the whole "desk facing the corner" thing downstairs.

The problem is that Pramas is a ninja or something. Every single freaking day he opens the door and comes into the room behind me without me realizing he's there. Then he speaks and every single time he manages to scare me out of my skin! (It's not just me, he does the same thing to Kate.)

Jeez, man, I'm going to get you some loud shoes or something!


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Blogger Chris Says:

You need to get him a bell (like a cat) that he can wear around his neck. But,if he's really good, he'll be able to wear the bell and not make any noise.

Deliberate Chaos

Blogger Nikchick Says:

I can't get the guy to wear a watch, I'm pretty sure a bell is going to be right out. ;)


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