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What dreams

You know you've been playing too much Viva Piņata when your dreams involve pairing up animals and trying unsuccessfully to get them to "romance".

Chris noted that my dreams almost always involve being powerless and frustrated. He's right. My dream life never involves peaceful walks on the beach, relaxing with friends, or seeing loved ones in a non-stress environment. No, my dreams are of living under strict Islamic rule where I can't greet my male friends or drive a car, even though my husband can't drive, or being trapped in a big house, or Pramas being mind-controlled into wearing yellow on yellow. I dream I'm answering e-mails, or editing by-laws (in my GAMA days), of backstabbing so-called friends where I relive the anguish of their betrayals in new dreamy ways, or being in a car crash.

A couple weeks ago I dreamed that I was a fugitive from the government. I'd discovered that I was being tracked, pursued by shadowy forces who wanted Kate. I couldn't call Chris for help, I couldn't access my money, I was literally running for my life and hiding in dumpsters, scavenging crude weapons to try to protect myself and my daughter from high-tech adversaries.

The other night I dreamed that Mike Webb had my daughter with him at his hotel (he was visiting town) and I had to try to pick her up but I'd left the house with no cell phone, no directions, no money and no car. Who could I call? Who could come help me? How could I find Kate? Time was ticking and I couldn't solve the problem, I had nothing.

On the scale of things, dreaming about feeding and tending my piņata garden (unsuccessful as I was at the "romancing") is pretty mild for me.

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