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Table for 15

Table for 15
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Last night we had the pleasure of dinner with some friends of Chris's from high school. Elizabeth and Geoff live in Seattle with their blended family (her son and daughter plus his three sons). Elizabeth's sister was in visiting from Boston and another Boston to Seattle transplant plus the Lindroos-Pramas-Freins brought the party up to six adults and nine kids (mostly boys).

Dinner was a gigantic feast of Dungeness crab, cooked in perhaps the biggest pot I've ever seen in a home kitchen, plus corn, cornbread, a summer salad packed with seasonal vegetables, slabs of watermelon, and plum tarts with ice cream.

Very few of the kids had eaten crab before and Geoff was enthusiastic about introducing them to a real crab feast. Kate, a burgeoning near-vegetarian, was a little queasy about the crab but gamely tried it and then filled up on corn bread and watermelon (which is what I would have predicted). She's trying to expand her food horizons and challenge her palate but she has a hard time with fish and "sea bugs".

As the night crept on and the adults lingered first over wine and then over dessert and coffee, the youngest children started to drop in place, curling up with pillows and under chairs to stay close to the action until they just couldn't keep their eyes open any longer. Meanwhile, several of the boys (including at times both dads) stepped over to an adjoining room that was packed with musical instruments and began jamming. They were FANTASTIC. I tried to get some video of the moment but my phone video was too dark and really couldn't capture the energy and skill of the group. At one point Geoff and his step-daughter were swing dancing while the boys jammed but I was too slow to capture the moment with my phoen (and didn't have my real cameras with me). Kate, an only child, the oldest child there and a girl out-numbered, played a card game with some of the younger kids and then stuck close to the adults as has always been her way.

It was glorious chaos and good for the soul. I had a marvelous time.

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RIP Ted Kennedy

I am so terribly sad about Ted Kennedy's death from brain cancer.

I have a friend who can't forgive Ted for Chappaquiddick.

To me, Chappaquiddick is something that happened before I was born. Ted Kennedy, who had two brothers ASSASSINATED, developed an alcohol problem and had a tragic car accident because of it? Color me shocked... shocked, I tell you.

Believe me, if Kate was killed in a stupid, tragic alcohol/drug-related car accident, I'd be upset. I'd be REALLY upset. But that doesn't necessarily mean that the guy involved in the accident was "devil incarnate" or an "irredeemable bastard." My position is that Ted Kennedy has done enough for the United States of America to redeem himself on that. He cleaned up, eventually, and frankly, until you or I have TWO brothers BRUTALLY MURDERED, I refuse to pretend to pass judgment.

Ted Kennedy reflected and supported my values in Congress. We needed him and he took up that burden for us. I know "conservatives" hate him, I know there are people who can't get over his liberal politics or his privilege or his flaws. I'm unconcerned by those issues where he is concerned. To me, he will always be "The Lion of the Senate." I can say without any cynicism or sarcasm, I appreciate the role he played in passing important legislation such as the COBRA Act, the Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act, the Americans with Disabilities Act, the Ryan White AIDS Care Act, the Civil Rights Act of 1991, the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, the Mental Health Parity Act in 1996 and 2008, the State Children's Health Insurance Program.

Rest, Ted. So sorry to hear that your life has been cut short, because despite your long career I do believe that you had much more to give and many more crazy Republican crap to defend us from. I hope someone will give us their all the way you did, I long to find some progressive who was raised to believe in the obligation we all have to service. But as far as I'm concerned, you've paid your debt through public service. I intend no disrespect to Mary Jo Kopechne by this.

Thank you, Ted.