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Juanny Cash

Yesterday my pal Bruce, a dear friend from my days in Atlanta, was in town with a friend on a brief stop-over before they head off on an Alaskan cruise. It was also the night of the Can Can-produced "Provocateur" cabaret show at the Triple Door (one night only!) featuring Juanny Cash (who, in a case of criminal oversight has no MySpace page). We took advantage of this fortunate coincidence and took Bruce and Leslie out to the show.

Can Can Chris greeted us with his usual bellow and all of our favorite Can Can performers were there for an extravaganza that lasted two hours (and they were doing a second show with only about half an hour in between). Dance, acrobatics, contortion, belly dance, you name it. Ultra did two sets and was in full outrageous effect, stripping down to nothing but his shorts, a mis-matched pair of stockings and some lucite platform heels. Thankfully, none of last night's shenanigans offended Leslie, who we'd never met before. How awkward would that have been? Ah well, I yam what I yam, as Popeye would say. Livin' dangerously.

Anyway: JUANNY CASH. Oh. My. God.

If you're in Seattle, go to the Can Can on Tuesday evenings for his show. He's only 15 and so he's got to be out of the bars when they go 21+ at 10pm, so he does early shows that even working folks can see. Not only is he very good at the whole Johnny Cash impersonation gig, he's just the sweetest thing. Between songs last night he shyly mentioned that He was soon going to be recording his "first real album" in Johnny Cash's studio, John Carter Cash producing. The crowd went wild! He did a great job on Get Rhythm and I immediately thought he should totally go all self-referential and start doing Tennessee Flat-Top Box.

In a little cabaret in a South Texas border town,
Sat a boy and his guitar, and the people came from all around.
And all the girls from there to Austin,
Were slippin' away from home and puttin' jewelery in hock.
To take the trip, to go and listen,
To the little dark-haired boy who played the Tennessee flat top box.

I'm telling you, that would KILL. I fully expect to be seeing this kid on tv. He's the sort of act Letterman would have brought on back in the days when I watched Letterman.

After the show, we headed over to the Alibi Room to find a quieter place so we could catch up and gabbed for a couple of hours. Haven't seen Bruce in ages and had never met Leslie but liked her immediately. The conversation was all over the place: contra dancing, World of Warcraft, Baby Gramps, Master and Commander vs. Horatio Hornblower, the state of public schools...

Tonight I pick up Kate. Haven't seen my girl since July 3rd; it'll be good to see her and catch up on what she's been doing all month. Here's hoping we have some decent weather over the weekend.

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