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My daughter was born in Canada. Both her parents are American citizens, born and raised, but her father has lived in Canada since going abroad for his Masters and Doctorate at the University of British Columbia. He continues to live in Canada by choice, and I can't say that I blame him. Vancouver, in particular, is a beautiful, comfortable place to live and I personally loved the time I spent there. I would not hesitate to live in Vancouver again, should the opportunity present itself.

This kind of rhetoric does cause me to worry a little, especially with my precious girl passing back and forth across the border once or twice a month. I hate to see international politics interfering with her family, but I've seen hostilities building between Canadians and Americans over the last few years (over NAFTA, over salmon, over timber, over marijuana, over terrorism, and now over war) and I've seen an increasing disruption in the border crossings, the scrutiny of our travel, and I can feel a brewing citizenship/nationalism issue in our futures.

I have to this point relied on Kate's father to make her claim of Canadian citizenship for her. I'm thinking that it might be in her best interest to have that secured for her, in no uncertain terms, before things turn even uglier for Americans than they are currently. When I gave birth to my baby in Canada, I was so relieved! Even then, in the mid-1990s, I was aware of what a greatly superior gift Canadian citizenship would be for her. I did not like the Rush Limbaugh influenced, gloating conservative tone the United States had taken, even in those days. It's certainly not gotten any better, in my opinion, over the last 10 years (though taking a particularly distasteful turn under the current administration). I'm glad Kate has the "out" of being able to retreat to Canada. It's not out of the question to think that we all might relocate there someday... the United States frightens rather than inspires, more with each passing week. It's not difficult for me to imagine a day when I will not be able to call myself an American, when the difference between the shameful conduct of my government and my morals and ethics will reach the point of no return, where the only acceptable option is to leave for a new home in a country more closely aligned with my views.

Canada is not perfect, but damn it's a lovely place nonetheless.

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