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Tonight is CPAP night

Pramas goes in for his CPAP titration tonight. We attended an acclimation appointment earlier this week and he did great. With apologies to Codrus and others who haven't been able to comfortably use their CPAP machines, Chris seemed to ease into it pretty well to my untrained eye. He looked completely relaxed, kind of meditative and serene. I'm very hopeful that tonight's study will go as well.

I'm still waking up in the middle of the night. Pretty much like clockwork, if I'm going to have a bad night and wake up it's going to happen around the 4 hour mark. Last night I was extremely tired as I'd stayed out way too late with Ray again and didn't get to bed until after 3:00am. I was ready for bed and fell asleep when I hit the pillow. I'd been really hoping that my additional fatigue would help me stay asleep through the night (and despite my fatigue I even remembered to take my medications!) but no. Four hours passed and I was awake. Again.

Normally Chris's snoring doesn't bother me. I like to say it's one of the ways we knew we were meant for each other (one of the many ways). It occurred to me that once he gets his prescription for pressure and we pick up his CPAP machine, those days of being soothed to sleep by his snoring will be over. Sometimes when he gets into his worst positions, though, his snoring takes on a different tone and his apnea episodes are dramatically more pronounced. He was in one of those positions last night and I must admit that I won't miss those at all. After laying there listening to him for a while I had a flash of inspiration. I crept out of bed and sneaked back with our digital recorder. I thought he might be interested/amused/horrified to hear himself, especially as we're on the verge of getting him the treatment that I expect will change his life for the better (if only to reduce his chance of heart attack and stroke, but I also hope that he will have all the positive benefits of restful sleep and proper oxygenation).

Not sure what he imagined his snoring sounded like but I'm positive that it wasn't what I played for him this morning. Better sleep for him is surely on the horizon.

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