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The Wire

Pramas and I are big fans of The Wire. If they do a Homicide-style complete season box set, I'm SO IN. We watched the first episode of the new and final season the other night and one thing about the Wire that I'm sure hurts their viewership is they don't coddle the viewer. It's a huge ensemble cast with surprising overlap from season to season. It's a beautifully crafted show but I do think some of its deliciousness is lost when you have to wait a week between episodes. Watching episodes on DVD, back to back, allowed us to really put together some subtle connections (a passing glance between characters that is suddenly meaningful next episode... if you remember it by then, for example).

I can't imagine this "Four Seasons of the Wire in Four Minutes" video is any help whatsoever, to anyone who hasn't watched the show but I found it amusing nonetheless.

Also read gossip reports that some asshole bouncer wouldn't let Michael K Williams into the premier party! He wouldn't let OMAR in? OMAR? Omar makes that show. Omar gets to bring as many friends to the party as he wants, fool.


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Omar rocks. Most def. Kris


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