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Kenyan Unrest

My friend Catherine is on her way to Kenya. I've written here before about her travels to Africa and the things she's doing there. Going back to 2003 she has been raising money, doing research, maintaining contacts, living with the Maasai people and just generally doing way more than your average working mom of four in the Western world would tackle.

Since her last trip in 2005, Catherine has been planning to go back to Africa, this time with her four kids. Everything is set, they've rented their house to a visiting family, they're packed and ready to go. Unfortunately, there is unrest in Kenya right now. The Australian government is advising people not to travel to Kenya. Catherine has been in touch with her contact there and she's still planning to go.

I've never had anything that I felt passionate enough about to upheave my life, to take real risks. I've never contributed to the kind of positive change Catherine has been a part of. I admire her conviction and her bravery. I hope they'll be alright.



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