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Starlings are the most obnoxious birds! For the last week my back yard has been beset by a flock of immature starlings who have discovered my bird feeders. They flock in and take over the place, bickering and screeching and chasing off the other sparrows and chickadees (don't mess with my little chickadees, you bullies!) and anything else that might come to visit. They eat like pigs and fight amongst themselves and I can hear the constant noise building and building. When I can't take it anymore, I throw the door open and shoo them off. They fly only as far as the large tree two houses down, where they wait, stalking my yard until I go back inside.

There's a Northern Flicker that sometimes comes and crowds the little birds out of the feeder, but he's pretty to look at and doesn't scream and fight and make a ruckus. In fact, speak of the little devil, he's out there right now. He can come back anytime but I wish the starlings would get lost.



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