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What's become of game night

Last game night we were looking for something that could handle 5 players, wasn't going to be too long or involved, but that we could start after dinner wound down and still feel like we'd done a bit of gaming. We broke out Tsuro which we've had on the shelf for ages but never managed to play. (It was a contender one night but I think we went with Formula Dé or something instead.

Tsuro proved to be just right. We were able to learn the game easily, play a couple of games (which moved along quickly) and I think everyone ended the night with positive feelings about the game. I declared it to be "like Chutes and Ladders for adults" which maybe doesn't sound as positive a review as I meant it. Chris had played it as a two-player game and hadn't thought much of it at first but it seems like adding in more players increased his enjoyment. It's a very pretty game that could easily be played with kids, two points things I tend to appreciate in addition to how much I personally enjoy the play.

Our group is such that we're all on different deadlines, with different responsibilities and travel schedules (or, in one case, the demands of two kids under 4) so it was becoming unwieldy to try to keep a roleplaying campaign together. I expect we'll want to give the Song of Ice and Fire a spin after the travel craziness dies down (and when the rules are in shape to support a full game) but for now I'm feeling pretty good about dusting off some of our oft-neglected board and card games.

Especially having just read the galleys of our upcoming Hobby Games: 100 Best collection of essays, I'm reminded of how many games I've never gotten around to trying or haven't played for years. Vinci anyone?



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