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Working Weekend

I don't know why working through the weekend made me so tired but it has. I tried to balance work with some time out for good food and just relaxing and shooting the shit with the guys but man, I'm beat. I can only imagine it's worse for Rob and Steve, as they have the time difference to adjust to and travel on top of that. Still, great stuff got settled this weekend and I'm feeling very enthusiastic about the subjects of our meetings.

Carmelita was excellent as ever. Meyer lemon risotto with asparagus and fava beans? Sign me up! I shouldn't have gone in for dessert but just couldn't say no to the vanilla bean panna cotta with blood orange sauce and candied rose petals as I was never going to have another chance to try that particular concoction. Wow, good choice! Delicious.

We started things later today and I made pumpkin pancakes (and a Guinness cake) for everyone during the day, with dinner at Judy Fu's for good measure. Operation "Feed the Staff" was generally a success, except for the abysmally long wait at Crave. On the way home I ran them by Scarecrow Video, because everyone should visit Scarecrow at least once. Scarecrow was surprisingly vacant! I guess the combination of it being the end of a long weekend and the start of the SIFF (so all the cinephiles are doing that instead of renting DVDs) combined and had people going elsewhere. We roamed around Scarecrow for a while, Kate and I picked up a couple of videos, and we came back to GRHQ to cap the weekend with a viewing of Bill Hicks' Sane Man.

All this getting out and mingling with people is bad for my health, though. I seem to have picked up a particularly annoying sore throat and now that I'm home and tucked in for the night I can feel a headache (not fully formed) coming on. My throat hurts from talking and laughing with my fellows. The last four days have been good but tiring and tomorrow it's back to work as usual, with the additional burdens of having to sort our broken washing machine and getting the remaining documents for Kate's passport process sorted out.

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