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Fired up the little charcoal grills last night so we could have some grass-fed beef hamburgers from Skagit River Ranch on fresh sesame seed buns from the Columbia City Bakery (read Orangette's write-up from last fall here), with a side of grilled corn on the cob and some of my own pickles from last pickle-making. Tastes like summer!

My goal in June is to get the "patio" of paving tiles done so we can finally, finally take posession of the grill Ray and Christine have been kindly keeping for us. Also, to install the swing chair I bought. Let this be a summer of barbecuing!



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Blogger rona Says:

ooooooh! Can you tell me more about your swing chair? I might like to have one of those. :-)

Blogger Nikchick Says:

I caught the Air Chair on sale for $20 on Amazon, so I picked one up. I haven't tried to hang it yet, though. It's still in the package until I have time to deal with it. However they're listing that same chair for $120 now! I knew I was getting a deal, but I had no idea how much! Wow!


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