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Bunny Boy

Bunny Boy
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We have (temporarily?) acquired another bunny. Here's the story:

Last night, Jim was dropping me off after the lecture and as we turned drove onto my block I saw a shadowy animal form (cat) dash off the road to the left and another shadowy animal form (bunny) sitting in the middle of the road. Jim slowed and then stopped. Bunny did not seem to want to move off the road but a boy standing across the street walked out and kind of shooed the bunny who hopped over to the curb and stopped.

Jim dropped me off a few doors down at my house but I just couldn't get the bunny out of my mind (remembering my last cat vs. bunny story) so I turned right back around and went down the block to see if the bunny was still there. He was not and I couldn't see him anywhere, but I did see the cat still lurking on the other side of the street and decided to go over and menace the cat just a little to spook it out of the area. I was worried for the poor little guy.

Fast forward to this afternoon. I'm standing out on the curb talking with Michelle, who had just stopped by to pick up Rosie. While we're talking, Kate spies the bunny and I recognize it as the same one. Since Kate has Animal Empathy, she was able to (with the help of a carrot) go right up to this sweet fellow and get him eating out of the palm of her hand. He's young (at least he seems young), totally tame, exceptionally mellow. He didn't object at all when Kate tried to pick him up and snuggled into her arms when she carried him up to the house. He's got some small wounds on his ears that look suspiciously like bites or scratches like a cat might inflict.

We couldn't just leave him out there.

So for the moment, Bonnie is confined to her actual cage and New Boy is hunkered down in the living room in the playpen, where Kate has set him up with food, water, a makeshift litter box and extra hay. Kate wants to keep him and call him Clyde.


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Blogger J.D. Says:

1. I want a bunny.
2. I have Animal Empathy, too, but my is at least rank 3. (See Animal Intelligence.
3. You finally have RSS! About fucking time! :)

Blogger Nikchick Says:

About time you noticed the RSS, slacker. I added it just for you!


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