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Ruby Foo's

Ruby Foo's menu
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When we made the decision to go to Churrascaria Plataforma without the New York group, we tried making reservations at a number of other places. I called up what seemed to be several promising options until my Palm literally blew itself out in my hands. I've never seen anything like it (well, not since the lightbulbs stopped blowing themselves out of the ceiling and the Xbox 360 got fixed...) and I was ready to throw in the towel, declare New York City the winner and leave for home on the spot.

Thankfully our talented New Yorkers stepped in to fill the void and secured a reservation for eight at Ruby Foo's Dim Sum and Sushi Palace.

I came away fairly impressed with Ruby Foo's. The restaurant was large and didn't have any trouble accommodating us for a late dinner. Our waiter (who could have been Elijah Wood's brother) was pleasant and attentive and I had a second Kirin before my first was empty, a big plus where I'm concerned (remembering how I had to nurse my single glass of wine through a two hour dinner at Cremant). I'd hoped to get someone to share a big platter of sushi with me but I alone was interested in sushi that night and had to settle for trying only three of the dozen or more specialty rolls offered.

I was absolutely stuffed by the time I finished, but I'd again had nothing except a Clif bar, a latte, and an ice cream on the floor of the show so I was famished when we sat down. Chris and Brian had the Peking duck, Bill had the filet mignon chow fun, and I started with a large bowl of miso soup with enoki mushrooms (perfect for a cold night and delicious to boot!) and eventually settled on the Miso Glazed Chilean Sea Bass roll, the Dragon Roll, and the Snowball Roll (Tuna and Crab Rolled in Crisp Tempura).

Unfortunately, with the convention not closing until 9pm on Saturday and us needing to be back at the booth by 10am on Sunday, I wasn't feeling very peppy once full of dinner. Many of the guys had commutes back out to New Jersey or other locations outside the city proper and after walking back to the hotel area (which was not a short walk) I could barely stand and was forced to bid the fellows farewell.

Chris popped into a store to buy a drink to take back to the room and I slipped upstairs intending to get ready for bed. Steve, worn out from the previous couple of days, hadn't even had the energy to join us for dinner and was already in bed asleep when I got back. Of course, once again my anti-technology aura struck (not content to have wiped out my Palm) and I was unable to open the door with my key. It did nothing at all, so I just parked it in the hallway until Chris came up and let me in. I had knocked softly when I first couldn't open the door but Steve was already in bed, fully ear-plug-enabled and sleeping soundly and didn't hear me. Knowing Chris would soon be up, it wasn't worth waking Steve but I cursed my anti-technology aura for the additional inconvenience anyway.

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