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Carnegie Deli

Matzo Ball Soup
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After arriving in New York and getting settled into our hotel, we decided that we definitely needed to have something to eat before hitting the Javits Center for set-up. Chris is my guide in these situations and he suggested the Carnegie Deli, a mere 20 block walk. Despite his years of living in NYC, Chris was a Katz Deli man and somehow had never chosen the Carnegie Deli before.

The Carnegie is one block further from our hotel than the Stage Deli and was packed wall to wall with tourists and newbies like ourselves. The portions were ridiculously large and more than one of the aging waitstaff was heard to say "Have you eaten here before?" after someone tried to order the "Woody Allen" (their combo pastrami and corned beef sandwich). Chris and I ended up deciding to split one of these sandwiches and a bowl of matzo ball soup each.

I will say the service left something to be desired. Chris tried to order the matzo ball and noodle soup but was served plain matzo ball soup. The soup itself, though not exactly what he'd actually ordered, was tasty and the matzo balls were delicious and fluffy. We were charged an additional $3 for splitting the dinner plate-sized sandwich (which was already pushing $20), which the waitress "split" onto another plate for us with a spoon, dumping a portion into my lap in the process. The sandwich itself was quite impressive if you're into big for big's sake. Taking up the whole plate and served with an additional side of bread, Chris and I each had two substantial sandwiches and made a hefty fifth sandwich to be wrapped and taken home with us. Still, one chocolate egg cream, one coke, two bowls of soup and a sandwich cost us $40 and in the end I had to say that Katz's pastrami was a better product. Katz's Deli cuts their pastrami thicker and it's less fatty, resulting in a better bite all around.

Carnegie Deli wasn't bad but I have to say that I wouldn't be eager to walk 20 blocks to go there again.

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