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Mother's Day

Katherine was convinced that Saturday was Mother's Day and insisted that I promise to sleep in. Of course, I've been waking at 6:00am now that the sun is up that early and I wasn't entirely willing to stay in bed that long, but for my girl I laid in bed awake for two hours or so.

Finally, I was rewarded with this:

Check that plating and presentation! With herbs and flowers from our yard. I guess watching all those cooking shows with me has stuck with her.

She looks pretty good in my Pampered Chef apron, too.

Because it was an absolutely gorgeous weekend, we joined Ray and Christine for a fantastic barbecue and ended up chatting the night away. I'm so proud and happy to be Mommy to my girl. Looking at her, asleep on R&C's couch after such a lovely day, it was perfect. Just perfect.


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Anonymous Anonymous Says:

Back on the twin path. Miranda decided that Mary wanted breakfast in bed (Mary managed to convince her that the "in bed" part was right out, but no amount of insisting that breakfast at a restaurant would be just as good, if not better, would dissuade Randa), so I was detailed to help in the kitchen.

Aside from ensuring that the flame wasn't up too high and that she wasn't wearing long, floppy, bathrobe sleeves over an open flame, I didn't get to participate at all in the breakfast-making process. Randa shooed me out of the kitchen and proceeded to make stacks of (actually edible) pancakes, set the table, and all the rest.

They're growing up.



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