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Grandma News

My grandmother went home from the hospital today! I was shocked: on death's doorstep a week ago, home today? But it's true. They've determined she's stable, she's coherent, she's still weak and sleeping a lot to regain her strength, but the crisis has passed. The family is greatly relieved.

To celebrate: a music meme. Albums I've played the hell out of over the years.

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Anonymous Amy Jo Says:

I'm glad to hear that your Grandma has made quite a turn around. That is good news indeed! I'm always amazed at how much and how quickly people can heal. Treasure her while you can. Both of my grandmother's passed when I was young and I miss knowing them in my adult years.

Blogger Nikchick Says:

I was finally able to talk to her today. I thought I'd been handling everything pretty well, right up until I heard her voice. She sounds exactly the same as ever and I wouldn't know anything was wrong from talking to her. It was a struggle not to burst into tears on the phone.

This turnaround is so unexpected, they were preparing us for the worst the first couple of days. I'm very thankful.

Anonymous Dr John K Says:

Excellent news; amazing, even. I hope you have the chance to visit in the next few months.


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